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Realtor Testimonial 1 
Mattoon, IL

Hello Dan,

I do think the photos are a nice addition to the report. I like your style. So often we see “alarmists” that frighten the client, sometimes needlessly. It is refreshing to have information presented in such a way that the client is able to process the defect or finding, but also understands the magnitude and can discern whether it is something they can take care of, have evaluated further or perhaps have the homeowner take care of.

Thanks!  Debbie

Client Testimonial 1
Windsor, IL

Dan I just want to take some time to thank you again for the work that you did inspecting our potential home.  Although it was a tough pill to swallow I have decided to not purchase the home.  I do however feel really good about my decision and I have you to thank For helping me to make a wise decision.  I will be sure to recommend your services at any opportunity I can.  And when I do decide to by a home I know who to call:)

Thanks again.  Jennifer


Client Testimonial 2
Charleson, IL 

 Dan was great! His thorough inspection was  impressive and provided us with piece of mind in determining our house buying decision. My fiancé and I have each had a home Inspection before and no one has ever went over the information with us. Not only did Dan do a very thorough inspection he took his time to walk through the inspection with us. Thanks so much Dan!!!! We will be sure to recommend your services to anyone"

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Realtor Testimonial 2

Decatur, IL

I like the report form and structure of the report.  I will recommend you to some of my clients so please send me some of your cards and brochures.  Did you find anything major with this house.  I spoke to Jake and he said nothing he couldn't take care of???